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Flagship is a real-time strategy game set on a galactic scale, played from a first person perspective. The game is being built from the ground-up to be played with the Oculus Rift, though it can be played on a normal monitor as well.

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  • #0Guest Guest

    Hi! This is perhaps the first time I'm commenting out here for this game or for any game for that matter! This could be one of the best games ever! Keep up the great work.
    I just hope it doesn't becomes a disappointment like No Man's Sky, looking how hurried and incomplete the game is... I had some questions I would love you kindly answer... beg your pardon for the length in advance (getting all excited!!!):

    1. Just in case, it is the game both single player and multiplayer?

    2. Is it the universe procedurally(?) created and not the same thing, size and shape (as in Endless Space) every time we play it? I grant you that though that might make the "scope" as you called it too big.

    2.1. Could we set certain rules for the world, like whether it will have Pirates, rogue and neutral factions and to set their difficulty level? (Rogue here like a headquarters for the Pirates kind of like STALKER.)

    3. Is it possible to have building constructions e.g. turrets and defenses?

    4. (AND ONE OF THE MORE TACTICAL ONES!!!!) Is it possible to command multiple fleets, separated from the main fleet.

    Either controlled by person again and/or by AI, and to give them, let's say commands to follow and attack certain other places, BETTER YET, to meet up with you later by another route, flanking an enemy in the form of REINFORCEMENTS.
    (As I can't expect this kind of drama by itself if the game has no campaign like Galaxy Angel.

    Note on the side: (this one was an old visual novel (2 trilogies) with an unusually interesting strategy game built-in in a none-linear map (units moving in all directions) which is advisable for any visual novel and space game fan as well as developer, with a kind of pseudo 1st person view of some units in the 2nd and 3rd games using "insert key". Graphics become rather impressive in the 2nd and especially the 3rd games.)

    4.1. How big can the fleets get? Is there a limit.

    5. Will there be factions. Is it possible to do commerce and make alliances with other factions or fleets as in Endless Space, or is it a last man standing of sorts?

    6. In case doing business is possible, is it, like one of the videos, possible for people and AIs to set mini quests of sorts like "defend us against pirates" through out the game, like No Man's Sky and STALKER?

    Sorry for the rant again and any comments on how tactical the game can be will be much appreciated. Thanks again for all your efforts.

    Best regards!

    • UrbanLogicGames UrbanLogicGames Creator

      Hi, thanks for the kind words! In answer to your questions:

      1. Flagship is just single player I'm afraid. As much as we'd love to add multiplayer, it increases the development of the scope of the game beyond what we'd be able to deliver at this point.

      2. Our latest news post covers this, but Flagship is now an authored, linear campaign that would be the same every time. While I use procedural generation to create the planetary systems the game takes place in, the gameplay itself is mainly focused on tactical ship-to-ship combat over a set of missions making up the main campaign. However, we are hoping to ship the game with a mission editor that will allow players to create their own scenarios and campaigns, and there should also be a skirmish mode.

      3/4. Building static defenses is not necessary because of how the game now plays. You're largely attacking enemy outposts (where you would not be able to build turrets) or defending allied positions (where turrets would already be established). You control a single fleet that you maintain throughout the main campaign. These ships will rank up, while lost ships will be replaced with novice ships.

      4.1. There is no limitation on the size of the fleet, but there will be limits on how much of your fleet you can deploy on any given mission. From a lore standpoint, deploying ships costs resources and you should only be using what you need. From a real-word practical standpoint, I want to keep the game challenging and ensure the game runs smoothly. :)

      5. There may be other factions in the game, but their alliances would probably be dictated by the plot of the main campaign. Any control we give the player (if any) would be fairly limited to be honest.

      6. Flagship is at this point entirely linear, the chances that we'll introduce any kind of branching storyline or optional 'quests' are very slim, but we haven't ruled it out entirely.

      I'm sure you've gotten the picture by now, but I feel should stress that while Flagship was originally intended to be a more open 4X-style game, this is no longer the case. The latest news post goes into why this is and what we we gain from the new direction.

      Hope that clears things up!

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  • #8Guest Guest

    I understand why you couldn't do what you originally wanted with the game, but I wanted to ask if there would be possible mod support that way modders out there could add in previously scrapped ideas into the game.

  • #4Guest Guest

    So there will be absolutely no hope of the "4x lite" mode returning after release?

    Edit:I love the new aesthetic.

    • UrbanLogicGames UrbanLogicGames Creator

      There aren't any plans to reintroduce the 4X elements I'm afraid, at this stage it'd pretty much mean designing a second game.

      Thanks for the kind words about the aesthetic, it's all still rough art though so things are still going to improve. :)

      • #4Guest Guest

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  • #6Guest Guest

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  • #0Guest Guest

    can we get download link of alpha or something , want to try it but there is no way searched everywhere ...

    • UrbanLogicGames UrbanLogicGames Creator

      I'm afraid there is no public build of the game available at the moment. Feel free to sign up to our mailing list at if you want to find out as soon as the game is available. :)

  • Sev40 Sev40

    I know there's going to be a low chance for this, but are there any plans to allow flyable ships? The thought of giving voice commands from the cockpit while dogfighting seems like a cool idea to explore.

    • UrbanLogicGames UrbanLogicGames Creator

      Probably not I'm afraid, adding this functionality would require more resources than you might think (assuming we wanted to do it well) and it's just not within the current development scope. Another thing to bear in mind is that individual fighters are fairly weak in the Flagship universe, and staying alive in one is actually pretty hard.

      That said, there is already code that teleports you into a flyable fighter, we could maybe tie that to a console command for fun, it just wouldn't be part of the main game.

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