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Game Maker at Glitchcode Entertainment

Unpaid Programmers work @ Anywhere

Skill in:
- 2D art.
- Procedurally generated terrain.
- Dynamic Sky's.
- C++.
- OpenGL.
- Custom Fonts.
- Windows XP - Windows 7.
- Low res sprites.
- Main Menu's.
- Willing to work.
- Happy.

- Half the earnings.

This request may not be met but i hope it can, cause i have idea's and no skill, if someone with that skill is willing to help me make my ideas become a reality, then i would be sincerely thankful.
This project will help me fund all of my other ideas and also help my family get out of debt.

To Apply

Send and application to and i will find it

Posted by Glitchcode2447

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