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Hey Guys!

Game Idea: This game is something of a mix between DnD and Traditional dueling card games. The idea is to make a system that calculates damage, cooldowns, and spells without the need of the player keeping track. The system needs to be able to subtract health, add health and keep track of other counters and cooldowns. We have 5 characters now with 5 unique abilities each. plus the addition of 20 unique spell cards.

Programmer: For this project, we don't need you to be a professional just understand the basics of programming, you do not need to be able to work fast you can take your time. It doesn't matter what program you use to code as long as it can be done well.

How do I apply: To apply for this position please feel free to contact me on twitter @Bunbunsgaming, add me on discord at MackEZ#9033 or email me at if you're interested contact me with what interested you in this project and your experience with programming.

Thanks for reading and I hope to talk to talk to see you soon!

To Apply

Message me on twitter @Bunbunsgaming
Add me on Discord at MackEZ#9033
Email me at

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