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This job was posted over 30 days ago. This means the position is now most likely filled & no longer available.

Looking for Engine Developers/C++ Programmers at Trinity Software, LLC

Unpaid Programmers work @ Anywhere

Hi all,

We're looking for C++ programmers who have a good understanding of SFML, OpenGL 4, and the STL using MSVC and C++11/C++14, for a classical 2D platformer harkening back to the 16-bit era of the Sega Genesis.

The star of our game, Mochi

Currently, our team is comprised of one programmer and project manager, two artists, and one composer, so you'll have good company if you choose to work with us. Some bonus skills that we'd love to see out of you are familiarity with classic C#.NET for maintaining our working set toolchain, as well as knowledge about software engineering to better help us make a well-oiled game.

You can find our company website, showcasing our history and our projects and more here: or our discord here: We also communicate our work through Discord as well as GitHub.

Thank you for taking an interest in us :)

To Apply

Send your resume and portfolio to or drop in our discord: to schedule a casual interview.

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