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This job was posted over 30 days ago. This means the position is now most likely filled & no longer available.

[REV-SHARE] Needed 3D modeler and animator for time travel based game at EtCetera

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Hello Human Beings!

Et, CETERA is looking for a modeler to join our team.

We are working on this game with the Unity engine and have completed the mechanics of the game and are working on the story and lore for the game.
Our group consists of 4 people:
- 2 Programmers and 2 story writers and scriptwriters.

We are looking for people who know how to model objects from imagination or simple sketch.

Modeling, Texturing, basic animation (opening and closing objects or doors) and a position in our group.
If you know rigging please state as this is a wanted but not necessary.

As we are a starting group we can't pay immediately (but hear me out) so this project is REV-SHARE.
The revenues will be divided at the end of the project in ratio to the amount of time and effort you put into the project.
Meaning: You do more, You get more.

- A link to your portfolio.
- Knowledge in 3D modeling (dah) and an edge on futuristic objects.

Interested? Contact me on my Email:


To Apply

Interested? Send me an email:

Posted by eitanwass

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