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Hey, i've started a project about a 2d platform game. Is about the death, its going to be a metroidvania (maybe is going to change) and the boss and objectives is to kill some peoples that don't want to die (maybe is going to change)
But, everything can be changed through the process.

I need all the people to make the game be done. Right now, the only things i can do is the graphic part, but i'm accepting others for the same task.

I'm accepting:
Concept artist;
Game designers;
You don't need to be a professional, just send a email and we can talk about it.
The time you will need to spend in the project, you will be free to choose.

We are going to discuss everything, the engine, the story of the game, everything!!!

I want a crew to help with the development, i'm not going to be a boss that it's just going to tell you what to do. Everyone is going to be free to say what they want and be free to create what they want!

If you want to participate, just send a message to me.
(and sorry if i wrote something wrong, or some part is confuse, english it's not my first language)

To Apply

send me a email on:
My Skype is: thikomorais

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