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Hello everyone!

I've recently been looking for a team but nothing really made me interested. So, I decided to look for somebody myself.

>> (If you decide to apply please keep in mind I'm only 14 years old, and began programming 2 years ago. So, I’m not professional at all) <<

What I am looking for:
I'm mainly looking for an artist. I could also use a game designer since I'm not very creative. But I Don't need a game designer as much as artists (There won't be a "Requirements" title for game designers).

Requirements (artist):
Any kind of drawing software you can do pixel art in
Decent art (as long as it's better than my art, and that's easy to do)

My role:
I would like to be the programmer since I don’t know how to draw (I also have more experience with programming)

What I want to do:
I'm not sure what kind of project I want to do but that will be discussed in a discord chat or something. But the reason I want to start a team is not to get something crazy done but to actually finish a game.

Also, sorry if my English grammar was bad.

To Apply

You can contact me at:

Posted by Froods

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