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This job was posted over 30 days ago. This means the position is now most likely filled & no longer available.

Voice Acting for game at Anywhere

Unpaid Audio/Music work @ USA

The company TheDevelopingMusicCat Is helping us create a game and we need help from voice actors. We have 5 roles for people to play. the roles are:

Squirt/Squirtle : Male
Mittens : Female
Snuggles : Female
Kuddles : Male
Tony/Player :Male

So we need 3 male and 2 female voice actors. Please read on how to apply for more Information on the Job. Also Files are due at the end of the month.

Equipment needed:

1. Mic
2. Recording software (send in MP3)
3. email
4. a drink
5. snacks
6. lots of time
7. male or female

To Apply

resend this filled out to

I __agree that I am applying to voice act for the
company AlienGaming.Inc and must stay in company
until Fired, Quit, Old, or other.

I am voice acting for the role of ____________
My gender is ___male
I am __ Years Old
I ____ have all equipment needed
and I ____ have lots of time to do it

I ___agree that I will not get paid until game is released
on October 17 or 31 2018

I ___agree that I have to stay at company at least 1 year
or more to quit or be more than 44 yrs old.

I ___agree that I will send audio file in MP3 before one
month is over after task given


Posted by AlienGamingYT

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