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It was a while that we talked about The Whisperer, but then it was known as Rewind. Couple of months ago we changed Rewind into The Whisperer and preserved the newer cinematic concept as Rewind. So the old First Person horror concept, instead of canceling the game, we kept it as The Whisperer.

ALPHA DEMO Testing Program

In a couple of day's we will start our ALPHA DEMO Testing on PC and PS4 platforms. We are looking for players who would love to play and test the ALPHA version of The Whisperer. This is free of charge of course.

For those who are interested, you can visit the site here to apply. It only takes seconds. There are also extra rewards for testers that will be exclusive in both PC, PS4 and Xbox ONE versions of the game.

The Whisperer

The Whisperer is a First Person horror game that is inspired by Fatal Frame/Project Zero games but in a western style. You play as Jim Walker who is a paranormal investigator. You communicate with ghosts through EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena) to solve puzzles. The game also has a combat system that uses the camera flash to defeat ghosts for a temporary time.

Next to these features, you also have to take pictures to find out if there are any ghostly presence near you. Or you can ask ghosts to interact with you or your environment.

The Whisperer contains a dynamic gameplay system and adjusts by your own actions. Each and every game session is unique and never the same. When you come across a ghost in a specific place or if an object moves in a specific location, then it doesn't mean that it will happen there the next time. The game recognizes your behaviour and adjusts it's difficulty accordingly.

You play the game through a head mounted infrared camera that also takes photos. Photos have a very limited storage so finding SD cards around the level is very important.

Open World and quests

Speaking of levels, The Whisperer is one huge "Open World" giving you complete freedom to go where ever and when you want. Do note that the ALPHA DEMO is just a small section of the complete level.

The Whisperer also contains up to 30 side quests and one main quest. All of them are dynamic and can be found or stored for later.

Additional information

The Whisperer also has a 2 player online co-op in the full game, and a full VR compatibility on the PS4 and PC.

The release date is set on august 30th world wide for PC and PS4.

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