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Dev Blog 5 In Recent Months V of War Updates

Today I am going to give you guys some updates on the recent version of V of War. We enjoy the process of sharing the development progress with you, even if that means we need to take some time out from the daily busy work. But we know it is worth.


  1. Picture Quality Enhancement


1 1024x555


2 1024x573

Main Optimization

--Replacing Terrain Surface(Pavement, Stone...): reframe the map with Photoshop tool. The main adjustment is the brightness enhancement.

--Adjusting the texture of followers and plants: figure out the issue of black grass in UE4

3 1024x557

--Overall Color Adjustment: Better picture atmosphere, via UE4


2.Performance Optimization. The key technology is LOD algorithm.(Level of Details)


So far we are using SIMPLYGON to automatically generate the LOD of Bone Model, and it works fine.



Speedtree, very useful tool of vegetation programming and modeling which has been wildly used in V of War scenario modeling.

6 1 1

JULY UPDATES-Mech Self-Repair Arms Added

When the battle happens, there are always injured, so in V of War, soldiers can recover their blood through medical kits and energy drinks, while the mecha does not have a good way to recovery itself. Therefore, through this update, we mainly added the Self-Repair function to the mecha, so that they can also continually fight. Also, New scenes and new objects added.

● New Mech Repair Design

We made the mech able to repair himself with his hydraulic arm. Resource point (G) consuming.


Hydraulic arm model which helps improve the physics of the arm


The action path of the mech repair arm


The prototype of the Mech arm in the first person view

New scene setting: Graveyard


● New articles in the map (partial)


AUGUST UPDATES-Cross Platform Squad-up Mode

The characters in V of War includes human and mecha. Although both parties have their own operating strategies and advantages, the strength of both parties is still not completely equal.

When human and mech are in competition, it is a state of asymmetric competition. When humans and mecha form a team, each team has the same configuration (a combination of 4 humans and 1 mecha) to achieve the strong balance between the teams.
Teams can also try more tactics with the help of mecha. In today's update, we mainly implemented the cross-platform squad-up gameplay.


The video of mech-human co-op in the same map

The game V of War with its cross-platform gameplay successfully held more than 70 combats during the 2018 China Joy and no crash happened. In order to fit in the business scenario we adapted the control mechanism to the new handlers, it went through very smoothly.


(VR player played as a Mech in Chinajoy)

3 1




1.Improved algorism of adding new articles while maintaining current frame rate.

2. Added a group system on the article generation to manage the generation and the location. E.g. the connection and limitation applied to the number and variety of the article generated in each room of a building

3. Added an algorism to reduce the percentage of intercross of the articles and the architecture when new spots are deployed.

4.New deploy system for generating articles in the map with adjustment of the amount and probability of each article, which helps build work efficiency.

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