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RogueVR - Roguelike Virtual Reality


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RogueVR is a modern 3D VIRTUAL REALITY reinterpretation of the granddaddy of all roguelikes: Rogue. It stays faithful to everything gamers love about the classic rogue experience, while updating it with immersive 3D graphics and virtual reality interface. RogueVR is designed for Oculus Rift, SteamVR, Project Morpheus, and Samsung Gear VR, but will also be playable in non-VR as a first-person 3D roguelike RPG on Mac, Windows, and Linux.

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Skeak preview of our upcoming #roguelike #vr dungeoncrawler, RogueVR!

Aug 13 2017

Livestream of our #vr #roguelike #indiegame RogueVR for @htcvive and #OculusRift in 15 minutes at @oculus @unity3d

Aug 12 2017

Live stream preview/demo of #roguelike #vr #rpg #indiegame RogueVR TODAY at 2:00 PST @Twitch:

Aug 12 2017

#RogueVR fully playable first-level #rogueline demo coming soon for #Vive & #Rift ... we'll stream sneak preview at

Aug 5 2017

In case you thought we were dead and gone, vaporware... not so! Just been too busy developing to be doing publicity/social! Stay tuned...

Aug 5 2017

Wearable Fitness Sensor by Sanctuary Media LLC Brings Virtual Reality Technology to the Gym via @PRWeb #VR #tech

Jan 1 2016

Sanctuary Media LLC announces #wearable #fitness sensor that brings #VR to the gym! #technology #innovation

Jan 1 2016

Veloporter: #fitness #wearable that teleports #cycling workouts to whole new worlds via #VR! #technology #innovation

Dec 31 2015

Subscribe to for updates about our #wearable #fitness sensor for #cycling in #VR! #innovation #indiedev #gym #tech

Dec 24 2015

Veloporter - VR Fitness Wearable for Stationary Bike: via @YouTube

Dec 23 2015

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  • SanctuaryMedia SanctuaryMedia Creator

    If you have an Oculus and want to get a feel for the immersive environment and user interaction of RogueVR, there is an "alpha teaser" demo currently available for free download. It's not a full-fledged game, but it IS an experience!

    Head to to find the "Demos & Downloads" to try it out

    INSTRUCTIONS: Download and unzip the executable file from the above link, then run it (make sure your Oculus is plugged in and turned on!) Whichever direction the Oculus is facing when you start the program will be the default "forward" facing direction, so make sure the headset is facing forward before starting the game.

    Once in the game, you can look around, see the environment, see your body, etc. Currently, the only action available in the game is moving/walking. To do so, look at the point you want to walk to on the floor; you will see a footsteps icon appear to indicate the walk target. If you look at the floor for an extended period of time (currently 2 seconds), you will move to that destination.

    NOTE: Keep in mind that this is a very alpha development build to showcase the feel and interaction -- a more complete demo of the full functionality of the game will be coming soon! (Keep in mind that the timed-turn-based walk/interact method is still in progress; time limits may be altered through play-testing, and a status indicator will tell you how much time has elapsed and show when you are about to choose that action.)

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  • SanctuaryMedia SanctuaryMedia Creator

    Stay tuned for playable demo!

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