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Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim


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You should have acted. They're already here. The Elder Scrolls told of their return. Their defeat was merely delay until the time after Oblivion opened, when the sons of Skyrim would spill their own blood. But... there is one they fear. In their tongue he is Dovahkiin; Dragon Born!

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😮 Krosis!! u/FjotraTheGodless sculpted a Dragon Priest using snow. Next time it snows for you, tweet at us your Eld…

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RT @ShayHender: Happy #AppreciateADragonDay everyone! I did a quick Skyrim charcoal sketch to celebrate! @ElderScrolls 🐲🥰

Jan 16 2019

RT @EmmaShikari: @ElderScrolls @bethesda Happy #AppreciateADragonDay! Here's a Skyrim acrylic painting I did last year 😊

Jan 16 2019

RT @TESOnline: Dragons have returned to Tamriel. Will you help to defend the Khajiiti homeland from these winged terrors? Watch t…

Jan 15 2019

RT @TESOnline: ⚡️ “The Elder Scrolls Online: Elsweyr Announce”

Jan 15 2019

Feels like home, amazing #ElderScrolls #Morrowind fanart of Seyda Neen by Dominik Zdenkovic

Jan 15 2019

RT @InnAtCrossroads: Check out this spiffy new cover, and swing by the blog to read about how the Elder Scrolls Cookbook came together:…

Jan 9 2019

RT @IGN: Make your own Sweetrolls and Skeever meat with The Elder Scrolls Official Cookbook.

Jan 8 2019

RT @Feliciasuwita: Another pic of my dunmer cosplay Photo by Irfan Dhafirwan (fb) #elderscrolls #cosplay #cosplayer #dunmer

Jan 7 2019

Natives of the Black Marsh, Argonians have natural resistances from diseases, and the ability to breath underwater.…

Jan 4 2019

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  • Doomguy‪ Doomguy‪

    Worst most dumbed down RPG feature stripped consolized TES game with a highly cliche and unoriginal story. It's ******** that this has a higher rating than even The Witcher 3.

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  • engineman4343 engineman4343

    i can't believe all diesel engines have been banned.
    you know this is a sad time indeed

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  • #8Guest Guest

    do you know where i can get or mine the quarried stone?

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    • Ignatz Ignatz

      Search for it in the vincinity of the player-built houses. They're mostly located on the rocky slopes somewhere close to the workbench. Just run around a little next to any rocky walls/slopes and you will find something. Clay can be found near ponds, brooks or rivers and wood has to be bought at the sawmills. If you already have a standing house and a steward, then he can order the stuff you need for you. The general goods merchants tend to have building materials too!

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  • Blue199 Blue199

    I have played this game for only 50h now and didn't check out any mods for it, but I wish someone made a mod that makes the main plotline connect with some quest lines, for example if you are already known as the Dragonborn, it will affect the Legion/Stormcloaks quest lines and dialogs.

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    • Blue199 Blue199

      OK, I've finished the Civil War questline. I feel like it has so much potential, if it was actually executed like a sort of RTS/RPG mix, like you could use the map of Skyrim to send troops to conquer cities/villages/forts, obtain and use resources to buy and train units (battle mages, archers, maybe even giants and battle mamoths?), accomplish quests to gain trust from jarls and villagers, etc.
      And of course, the enemy faction could do the same, so you'd have to outsmart enemies, put your units in forts and settlements to protect them... And if you loose the war, you get captured and either thrown into prison or executed.
      After winning the war you could also be able to fight the Thalmor, but in that case your bases on Skyrim border would be regulary attacked by elves.
      And most important, it should affect the main plotline.
      Anyway, that's my basic ideas on how to make this game better (and nearly perfect). I don't think there is a mod that adds any of this, and I wish there was :)

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