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This job was posted over 30 days ago. This means the position is now most likely filled & no longer available.

4 years experience Programmers at Anywhere

Unpaid Programmers work @ Anywhere

Winter cloud games is recruiting a lead C++ programmer with preferably 4 years experience programming and familiar with the unreal engine.

Familiarity with modular programming with the ability to statically program for keep future additions to the software open. Leadership skills a high level of organization and good communications skills are a plus since you will be required to coordinate work with other team developers and direct secondary programmers.

you will be working with a team of devs from around the world and be required to communicate daily in a professional manner with updates to the project and following assignments and finish them. Open time schedule is necessary as a lot of work will be required of you.

This is an unpaid position with the only guarantee of equal profit sharing upon completion of the project.

Please email with a resume or portfolio of your work.
all applicants will be required to sign a digital media release form.

To Apply

send an email with your included experience and
resume to
Expect to sign a short contract with rights agreements.

Posted by winter_cloud_games

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