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AI Programmer for UnrealEngine 4 work at Dragonflygames

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Hello programmers! We are hiring are DFG, what we are looking for is someone to jump in the role of programmer on our team. We are looking for someone with high energy and alot of enthusiasm and creativity. We have multiple different jobs and tasks needed and the work will be a process over many months. Some of the main tasks include Character weapon mechanics, Enemy AI, Programming menus and dialogue. We are very open and want to communicate the feel of our game and what we desire and let you do what you do best! This is a great job for someone who likes working along or part of a small team, interested in growing skills and having the ability to shape the way we program our games!

The title you will be working on is called 'Beyond the Oaks' it its a thirdperson shooter with a mix horror, sci-fi, and mystery all wound together with captivating game play. This story is one of personal growth, over coming fear and becoming a man, As you are guided along with help from your suits AI system Emili.

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