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Hello, we at Parent's Basement are making a game about building a base in space. (Its a bit hard to explain, so I wont go into detail. You can email me if you want the demo) We currently need artists.

Here is what we plan on the art looking like: (This is a piece of concept art)

However, you are free to change the aesthetic of the game if you would like to.

The programming team is currently making the 'backend' of the game. After that is finished, we will begin to make content.

The art will mostly consist of buildings and UI. There will be little to no animations required, though if you can make some that would would be awesome. There will also be a good deal of effects, however if you can't or don't want to make them the programming team will make them inside Unity.

This is a small game and will most likely be completed within a month. You will be paid in revenue share.

Looking forward to working with you,
Hayden Steed

To Apply

Email me at:

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