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This job was posted over 30 days ago. This means the position is now most likely filled & no longer available.

In need of 3D Modelers and level designers for Unity at Skeletal Army

Unpaid Artists work @ Anywhere (English only)

Help Wanted
Need people who can create 3D Models made in Unity and/or level designs and graphics
These models, or graphics may, can, or will include:

I need people of intermediate or professional skills to both create and program the models to move, and/or create beautifuul levels, and you will also need to devote some time to help further develop of a game I have in the works.

If interested please contact me at

If you are part of the team we can either stay in contact through either email or skype, which I will give the name of my Skype once you join, just to avoid being spammed by random people just wishing to bug me.

As of this time there is no working title, and barely any story, so if possible you may also help further the development of the games narrative. You can also give me suggestions, and tips to help me improve my skills at both creating models and graphics, and making an engaging story for people to enjoy.

So come and join the Skeletal Army, (That's a working title for my game development team), and help create great and amazing games

To Apply

Send an email to
And yes I know it's a stupid email

Posted by Skeletal_Charizard

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