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Infected NPC Modeler at Anywhere

Unpaid Artists work @ Anywhere

Epidemic is looking for a project NPC Modeler to develope a photorealistic mesh of an infected person/personnel both male and female, hero character's and npc charachters going through stages of a violent viral outbreak. The artist will looking real life examples of broken petruding bones, torn skin and clothing, how bite marks reflect movement, making tissue move etc.

Use a basic template that can be layered with skin and clothing in different colours and styles. Give a unique olour tone pallet that feels real organic and fresh as if looking at these will make you want to throw up. Basic movme t or the moment as animation will come later, the focus is on the look and feel.

The infect must have several versions required, human (normal face and clothing), attacked (minutes and hours afted they are infecte open wounds, blood soaked clothng and servere damage to the body).

Some previous work would be good to see or ideas of what you may want to do as far as design and concept.


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