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Lead Unity Coder for Project - Berserk Boy at Unity Lead Coder

Paid Programmers work @ Anywhere

Hey there Guys I am a pixel artist looking for a Professional Unity developer. Specialising In 2d platformers would be preferred. I’m after a coder for a paid position for the duration of the project. This means porting it to its respectable consoles and applying bug fixes post release if any are found.

The game is aiming towards a switch Xbox and PC launch.

If you are an *experienced* coder who knows about pixel perfect movement and display and want to help create an amazing indie game experience please get in touch. Being aware and up to date with the current indie games is also very crucial to understand current standards.

a lot of my art on the project is on @BerserkBoyGame on Twitter. Or contact me for more information.

-Please be willing to show me a portfolio of work. Or projects you have been involved with.

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Posted by Zu1994

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