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Need a partner for collaboration at Anywhere

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Hy, my name is julian,im 22 yrs old and im looking not for only a programmer but for a partner who i will discuss matters as esencial as the game core itself. Nothing will be settled individualy we will discuss about everything we will do in the game.The skills required for this is just to be able to build a game rather that is 2d or 2.5D. No specific engine required,just anything that you
that is confortable for you.
Thinking that would be enough for the requirements for you lets talk about me for a sec.
My drawing skills consists in 2d cartoonish style we can take little fighter for an example or mark of the ninja.Im very adaptable and i learn quickly. So i think i can adapt to any style.However my skills are not top notch refined,my anatomy needs a little more in depth and deep learning but i think i also have the minimum requirements to put up a decent looking game.
As for ideas we will settle this between us,maybe you want to build up a game and have your own ideas.Maybe you need inspiration.Maybe you need someone who can fill gaps in your ideas.
I would we would prefer if we could talk on skype but discord is fine too

TLDR: need someone who can build up a 2.5D with no specific engine or coding language required.I can safely say im a decent artist so i dont have high expectations myself.

To Apply

Contact me via skype:babiuc.iulian2 discord:juliano14 #2030

Posted by juliano15

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