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This job was posted over 30 days ago. This means the position is now most likely filled & no longer available.

Quake Programmer for "Requiem" (NZP Modification) at The Requiem Team

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Supposedly you had clicked on this link taking an interest in becoming a programmer for the Requiem Team. The Requiem Team at the time of this posting is at a man power of three and due to the nature of this project that was undertaken by the main developer “MotoLegacy” we have been looking for another programmer who can help us work on this project which will require knowledge working with the quake engine.

The project is named “Requiem” a mod for the game Nazi Zombies Portable developed by the NZP Team, A game that a few may known to be a popular first person zombie shooter on ModDB. This mod Requiem aims to change the experience of the original game to both integrate what makes the Call of Duty Zombies franchise great but as well adding a few special touches from the few developers that makes the experience uniquely different but in a positive way.

Both new and old maps will be constructed, Weapons with the great feeling of kick to it, Perks of varying effects that makes experimenting with science look fun, And of course the great bug fixes to keep the game stable and frequent updates to keep the followers of the mod on the edges of their seats hoping to try out the next new thing.

The requirements that you need to join as a programmer is;

- A reasonable experience with the quake engine

- Variants of the C Language (Not a requirement of much, But it would be much useful.)

- And of course, Able to be avidly cooperative.

As of the date of this job posting, The mod itself is in a beta stages with planned out features soon to come as well already existing features that would need to be worked on. The time schedule is flexible so programmers can work whenever they can but is able to get work done to help the mod move out of it’s current beta stage.

Despite the original game NZP being made for the PSP, This mod is geared more towards for the PC version as the hardware requirements will be a bit more beefed up (Not as in GTX Titan, But the old hardware of the PSP will not beable to handle it.) but there are plans for porting the game over to mobile and/or vita/psp if the possibility is feasible.

Much of the work related communication will be transpired through a discord where developers can communicate among each other as well being able to communicate with the followers through the channels within the discord.

Do note this a volunteered position.

I thank you for reading and maybe it might be you who will work with us on this mod to bring a great experience to gamers and fans alike, Sign;

That One Lazy Animator.

As of now, The current team is;

- MotoLegacy; Programming

- Derped_Crusader; Modeling & GFX

- EtriusAsato; Animation

To Apply

If you believe you are up for the job, You may show up on the discord and introduce yourself.

A resume or portfolio would help as well.

Posted by EtriusAsato

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