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Requirement for a 3D Modeller and Texture Artist at GroundPound Games

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Hello Everyone!

We’re a team called GroundPound Games consisting of programmers,designers,composer, sound designer and animators where everyone can pitch their own ideas.

Project description:

We're currently working on a platformer with gameplay elements of old school crash bandicoot and new Mario games with a cutesy art style and an overall uplifting theme. The game is based on the world of mechs,Technology and robots with the main protagonist being a cutesy,swaggy but humble robo

Roles Required:

We need a decent 3D modeller and texture artist

Team Size: currently 9 people

Project length:

Since its our first project we've decided our game scope to be low and the project length 2-4 months

Compensations: revenue/profit sharing

Team members:

Priptide- programmer
Machocodes- programmer
Befly- sound designer
Rickdamoop- composer
Mrmugglez- Rigger and animator
Pariah- Level designer
GameXFuture- UI Designer
GamingOverdose- Leader and game designer

To apply:

To join our team mail us on our email

To Apply

To apply mail us on our email

Posted by GroundPoundGames

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