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This job was posted over 30 days ago. This means the position is now most likely filled & no longer available.

(Rev-Share) Looking For Concept And 3D Character Artist at Data7 Game Studios

Unpaid Artists work @ Anywhere

Project Name: Project ONE

Role(s) Required: Character Concept Artist, 3D Character Artist
My Role: Game Designer, Team Manager, Game Director.
Our Previous Projects: N/A as a team.
Project Length: No public release date: Estimated 2020/2021
Compensation: Revenue Share + becomes paid shortly after first public release

Concept Artist:

- Great experience with Digital Sketching

- Know how to make detailed Characters

- Ability To Work well with other programmers if needed In General:

- Good communication skills - Be active & reporting your progress to team leaders

- Ability to speak English conversationally
- Creativity
- Sense of humor

3D Character Artist:

- Great Experience with digital character modelling

- Know how to create detailed 3D characters

- Ability to work well with other team members such as programmers etc.

- Good communication skills
- Be active & reporting your progress to team leaders

Project Description: Project ONE (Placeholder Name) is a Multiple Choice Horror Sci-Fi Adventure game similar to games such as OxenFree. The game has a cartoon & realistic hybrid art style. The game is in early stages at the moment but things are moving along nicely. Currently the team is quite small. Hoping for a 2020/2021 completion and release. Story is currently under wraps.

If you have expertise in other areas don’t be afraid to contact us!

To Apply

Contact us at

Posted by liondude12

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