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Searching for volunteer QA at Toolkitz

Unpaid QA/Testers work @ Anywhere

This is Toolkitz, at the moment and one person team, and I am currently working on a puzzle platformer called Magical Star Pillars. At the moment I am preparing to launch a demo but am in need of volunteer playtesters to check the game for both bugs/errors and general comments/suggestions. Pretty much a pre-release review of the game.

Volunteers will get a special playtest version of the game where all levels are unlocked so you won't have to play through the game proper to reach them. The playtest version also comes with built in stats that count how many deaths, retries, and time you have spent on the game. The playtest version also comes with a difficulty rating and comment box for easier note taking.

This is a volunteer position only but I can pay $12 to those who provide video recordings of their play session (must have Paypal). All volunteers will receive credit under QA Tester in the full release and be a member of a program called the FOT Program. This is a promise to those who support Toolkitz in this early stage to receive discounts or even free products in the future.

To Apply

No experience needed. No experience preferred.

If you are interested, please check out the following video in the Facebook page to see if this is the type of game you are interested in first. I am more interested in targeting the game to those who enjoy puzzle platformers:

You can also find out more about the game in the Facebook page:

Afterwards, contact me through the Facebook page by sending a message, or send me an email at the following secondary address:

Posted by Toolkitz

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