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This job was posted over 30 days ago. This means the position is now most likely filled & no longer available.

Social Media Marketer at Atreyu Games

Paid Marketing work @ Anywhere

Hi all,

Atreyu Games is looking for a social media marketer to market our upcoming PC and Mac video game, The Cinema Rosa.

What does the role involve:
- Run Twitter accounts (x3)
- Run Facebook accounts (x2)
- Run Instagram account (x1)
- Schedule regular posts (12x/day)
- Assist in marketing for a kickstarter campaign.
- Build followers on all platforms, towards a follower base of 5000.
- Assist in gaining alpha/beta testers to help with testing the game.
- Assist in contacting YouTubers, twitch streamers and Let's Players - towards getting the game played on public platforms, on videos and gaming streams.
- Assist in developing a brand and marketing strategy for the Cinema Rosa longterm, with a goal towards eventual release.

Preferably, you'll have some experience in marketing or PR campaigns, with a proven ability to generate followers and leads for sales.

The job will be paid on the basis of accruing more followers for each account, excluding fake/bot followers (This will be checked prior to payment).

To Apply

Send applications to: josh (dot) krook (at) gmail (dot) com

Posted by AtreyuGames

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