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Sound Designers & 32-Bit Musician at Anywhere

Unpaid Audio/Music work @ Anywhere

Hello I am making a game called Star Wars Brawl. Star Wars Brawl is a game where 2-1 players select a Star Wars character then, face off against each other or ai. The game is about 20% complete on the art and programming side, but we have done next to nothing when it comes to sound. That is where you come in. We are currently recruiting musicians and sound designers.

If you want to join for sound design you will need to be able to make sci-fi like sounds relatively quickly. You will need to be able to help at least 3 hours a week. If you join you will be creating the multiple sounds for each character in the game. You may or not be adding voices for the characters.

I you want to join for music you will need to be able to redo songs in a 32-bit format, you will also need at least 3 hours a week to help. If you join you will be recreating Star Wars songs in a 32-bit format.

If you join you will need a Unity account in order to test the game.

As far as money goes, if we do make any we will split it equally, but I don't intend on making any.

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