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Stormy Peak Entertainment is recruiting! at Stormy Peak Entertainment

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Stormy Peak Entertainment

We create universes.

Stormy Peak Entertainment is a young startup company that just reached its first year anniversary and we are looking for passionate and talented founding members to join its core team as we push our first product into Alpha stages. We are pre-seed but we have initial funding to get us to kickstarter. Our position offerings come with very modest salary and/or per-asset pay (depending on the role) and substantial revenue share options. We are looking for people who have a passion to develop games and are looking for an opportunity to be a part of something big for the long haul! Typically we prefer candidates who have primary jobs already and are looking to contribute to a side hobby rather than someone looking to earn big bucks fast, because we don't really have big bucks and game development isn't really fast. If money is a real concern for you in the immediate future, there are probably better options out there for you — we want people who are doing this largely because they have a passion for making awesome games!

We are currently looking for experienced people for the following roles:
- UE4 Developers / C++ programmers
- 3D artists
- VFX artists
- Level designers / Environment designers
- UX/UI designers

Applications from particularly talented individuals of other specializations may also be considered. If you are a composer interested in doing music, please submit a pitch (upload to youtube as an unlisted video).

We have approximately 23 people working full- or part-time with us and need to round out our core team with just a few more members in select roles. We are a close-knit team that communicates regularly and gets along well both online and offline (many of us — despite living in various remote places around the world — have met up in real life!). So we tend to prefer people coming on long-term who have an interest in being one of us, part of a team, rather than just temporary contractors.

Project-wise, we are rapidly gearing up for an early 2018 announce of our IP. We have an exciting year ahead and we hope you can join us!

To Apply

Send an email to with your resume and portfolio/code samples. A formal cover letter is not required but at a minimum you should have a description in your email about yourself, your ambitions, and why you want to join SPE.

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