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Trinity Era is Recruiting at Anywhere

Unpaid Web/Other work @ Anywhere

Hello Reader Today is your lucky day as Trinity Era is recruiting and you could be among the first to join just follow thing directions below.

Trinity Era is a indie startup company that currently has 2 people below is a list of people we need and how many please read carefully.

1 Concept Artist
Requirements: 18+ Can come up with various character designs and location designs based off descriptions.

1 Background Artist
Requirements: 18+ Ability to make compelling immersive backgrounds or scenery.

2 3D Modelers
Requirements: 18+ Ability to model 3D Objects or People based off Concept Art and Build World with said models.

2 Animators
Requirements: 18+ Ability to RIG 3D models and animate based off ideas from storyboard.

2 Programmers
Requirements: 18+ You Know what you do.

2 Dialog writer
Requirements: 18+ Ability to write witty and immersive dialog based on the scenario provided.

2 Music Producers
Requirements: 18+ Ability to develop a unique and fitting soundtrack for the world.

2 Audio Programmers
Requirements: 18+ Ability to make fitting sounds and noises to match objects or triggered events.


To apply Follow these directions.
1. Full Name
2. Email
3. Portfolio / Examples of work
4. Age
5. Wanted Position(s)

Email all of this information to

To Apply


Posted by Trinity_Era

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