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This job was posted over 30 days ago. This means the position is now most likely filled & no longer available.

Unity Designer iOS environment creating with me a 3D educational serious game at ZeroToNine

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Hi there,
i'm looking for a unity 3d genius who will be working with me for an educational serious game - in first person shooter view on Apple iOS.
The first thing you'll have to do, is only to create about 4 scenes (rooms) in order to attract investors for my company, which describes the fully functional principle of my idea.

What skills are required ?

Unity 3d
Substance Painter & Designer
Programming skills
(this textures programs aren't that important - most of your skills should relate to unity, maya and of course iOS ;-))

This is going to be a startup with a absolute brilliant idea... because specific markets urgently need specialist staff which are not available, in order to produce their products - AND i've got the solution for the industries candidatetes already in school...

So if you are interested about what i'm going to perform, don't hesitate to write me !

Thank you very much !

your Florian

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Posted by ZeroToNine

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