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This job was posted over 30 days ago. This means the position is now most likely filled & no longer available.

Unreal Programmer Needed at DIGAMS

Unpaid Programmers work @ Anywhere

Welcome to the Digams Studios! Here you'll find a family of game developers, writers, artists and people that have come together to share their work or even get help with their own projects. For reference or anything related to Digams you can visit our official web page at:

Digams is looking to expand our family by looking for additional programmers experienced in the most current version of Unreal Engine.

Summary of Game: End Chapter: Master of Macroix is a story about a woman engineer that has awakened to a hostile world, where she will need to learn how to survive to uncover the truth of her roots.

Website: (go to "collaboration" tab)

Location: We are currently working Remotely, but have our eyes on a location office.

Payment: We're currently in negotiation with some publishers, but cannot confirm payment at this time. Definitely in the near future as we get the first level of the game done. But currently, it is deferred.

Engine: Unreal

Game website:

To Apply

Fill out a form on our website in the collaboration tab

Posted by cmichel

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