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This job was posted over 30 days ago. This means the position is now most likely filled & no longer available.

Various Jobs for Slasher Game at SITA DIgital Media

Paid Programmers work @ Belgium, Anywhere

Hello everyone! First off all I wanted to say this is currently an unpaid job.
I'm an individual developer who's currently for a small team of developers to work together on a slasher game. It's an episodic slasher about a group of friends who got involved into something they shouldn't have. The player will make choices that will lead to consequences and sometimes... death.

For this, I need:

- 3D artist capable of making high quality assets
- A Game UX/UI designer
- A Co-Level designer
- A Co-Character Designer
- A Music Composer for making a horror game soundtrack
- A Programmer that can help build the game

You can apply as an individual or a team that's looking for a partner.

Because I want to make the game compatible for different platforms like PC, Mac etc. I use Unity 3D as engine, which you have no problem working with.

You have a Discord account where you can share your progress with the team.

As I mentioned before, this is currently an unpaid job. However, you will receive a payment when this project generates profit. I would also look forward working with you on future projects.

To Apply

Send your motivation to

--> Don't forget which job you're applying for.

Posted by SlTA

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