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Dead Moon -Revenge on Phobos- 2018: Previous Updates


Dead Moon -Revenge on Phobos- is already available on Steam and Oculus Store as Early Access.



- New trashy Stickney 2 design elements
- More ammo on difficult hard
- Loading/Screen information

- Small Medikits 25 could partially charge 75 hp on difficult easy and hard
- Collision adjustments
- Revised light design in some places

Description and new features
- Optimized depth effects through color dynamics and texturing
- Adaptation of AI ranged combat for better game dynamics
- New 3D elements
- New textures
- Revised texture design
- Partially revised level design
- Partially revised lighting design
- Higher level of details in many maps
- Opponents have been repositioned in some places
- New sky environment

3D Elements
- Spotlights
- Small acid tanks
- Preservation tanks
- Steel structures
- Diffferent wall typs
- Monster pieces

- Some walls were set wrong
- Some items were set wrong
- Texturings were faulty in some places
- Corrections to various light sources
- It could happen that opponents switched to close combat mode too quickly
- Adjustment of collision detection for some 3D elements


- New texturedesign for some 3d elements
- New 3D Elements (Monster parts, destroyed wall elements, moon base scrap metal, steel elements)
- Some sloping ceiling elements have been adapted
- Higher level of detail, especially in two Boss maps


- Adjustment of sequences
- Shadow corrections
- There were components that were not set correctly
- In a boss map the ground level has been adjusted
- Collisions adjusted
- Replacement of textures


3D Elements


• New Monster Jumpscares
• New 3D elements in numerous maps
• New Textures
• Revised labels in the tutorial scenario
• Diversification of enemy behavior in the tutorial map
• Interactive tablets with story elements and background information
• New particle effects for the Green Gold
• New splash effects for the Green Gold
• Fixed problems with the collision of monster parts optimized
• Fixed texture error monster cage episode 1,2
• Fixed faulty light calculation in episode 4
• Fixed. Some players had problems picking up items.

- Fixed high bug
- Fixed health/armor percentage
- Fixed armoured door closing times
- Fixed impact radius for pink alpha monster

- Keycard size changed
- Adjusting the player's deceleration with glide locomotion
- AI variation of the blue boxer monster
- No more stucking opponents in doors

- New enhanced locomotion system

All functions can be used at any time during the gameplay.

- Difficulty level for each of the four episodes

- More balanced health and damage ratio

- CPU performance update (Tested with FX6350/R390)
- New gore effects (Monsters can cut into pieces)
- Holobutton for ingame video screen
- New geometric wall elements
- Music support for endboss fight
- New powerful alpha monster in ep 3 and ep 4
- More damage with Plasma Gun
- Adapted instruction graphic
- Some smaller bug fixes

• Complete revision of the tutorial map
• Remove tutorial voice (Thanks to JadeK)
• Drastic increase of walking speed (Thanks to VoodooDE)
• Hit-Animations and demage feedback
• Complete new monster noises
• Bugfix sounds of dead monsters
• Tons of smaller bugfixes, tweaks and otimizations

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