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Dev Diary #3 - Vault System , Fun Zone To Explore

Hello Again!

This time with a little help from Medel Design we will implement something that for many developers took almost 1 year! We are releasing our first Climbing System!

Climbing what you can (and it's possible):

We managed to make some models run with the Climbing System but not really all of them are..Perfectly Working (For Now)...

Sliding through problems..

Next time when you are facing a problem in your life basics..come here. Now leaving the joke behind, sliding in the Climb System is kinda important. For now the character follows the line trace from the basic model collision.We hope soon to improve the system and get a better experience for the user.

Jumping to conclusions!

Remember that time when you were on the balcony and guards came into your house? And you were forced to jump to the other mansion? were like this guy! The system detects a new collision to attach after the user jumps from the old model!

Bonus News!

We want you to explore a minimal touch of our creation. So soon we will upload a Demo for Public so you can test the Graphics and Mechanics for yourself. Single-player...the servers are not fully done.

So tell us if you want the Demo published on IndieDB (it will be cooler then the video from above).

Stay tuned for more future updates! Have a nice day and don't forget to check us on:

Have a nice day!

BackToNormal Team!

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