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Dismemberment, melee combat

Gore and Dismemberment


Finally got that gore system working :) Everyone's been asking for it for some time, but with my huge task list and no final character models it wasn't really something I wanted to tackle yet... Then I saw some gameplay for Insurgency: Sandstorm and realizing how elegant and simple their gore system was, I had to make it happen, other tasks be damned :P

Long story short, it doesn't require any model work - I was hesitant to make gore models for the current placeholder character meshes, but this solution doesn't require that. So it won't require any extra work once the final characters are in. Once they are though, I'll add gibs and stumps for more detailed gore!

Doesn't look super important but it's to make the close quarters combat much more balanced, making it possible for the player to get close without eating a barrage of bullets. In the prototype demo last year, enemies would melee up close but they used the same animation as the player (okay, slightly slowed down), giving the player no real advantage up close. Now they do some really hard hitting melee attacks, but they're much slower - so if you're fast, you can dodge them or hit them first.


I've talked about releasing a demo this summer, and unfortunately it's just not ready yet :(

The game is much more fun, polished and has more features than the demo last year, but it's not a big enough improvement that I'd want to release it to the public yet. I might do some private testing (if you're interested let me know!!), I think I'll start up a discord channel to talk with testers and distribute demos.

I'll definitely release something in the coming months though, I do want to get on the top 100 list of 2018 ;)

I'm sorry it's taking longer than expected but I promise all the time and effort is going into making the game better. My philosophy towards game development is to build solid, robust and well designed systems that function extremely well, are fun to play, and offer good performance. Most indie devs just rush out poorly hacked up prototypes (that might have potential for fun, but barely function) just for a quick shot at getting funding, knowing that they'll have to throw away their work and start again (if they even get their funding!).

A few people have asked me if I'd go the kickstarter route or steam early access. I may at some point, but right now and for the near future, this project is entirely self funded. I dislike kickstarter and early access because most devs go into it knowing they're promising too much and asking for too little money, hoping the little money they get will snowball into something huge - so legit "honest" projects get little attention because they're too modest.

You can count on me working on this until the next demo, the demo after that and its eventual release. Thanks so much for your patience. I'll be setting up a discord soon (within a month) so I can get suggestions and input from everyone, and maybe share some small demos :) Until next time!

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