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Get Your Game Out There With IndieDB Daily Giveaways

One of the hardest parts of indie game development comes after the actual development has finished: getting your game noticed. Whether than means by players, YouTubers, streamers, press, and any others who would find what you’ve made interesting and enjoyable – there’s only so far that you alone can spread the word.

While IndieDB as a whole exists to help indie developers share their projects, there’s one particular part of IndieDB that we think you should know about: our giveaways. Easily one of the smartest things you as a developer can do to encourage others to tell their friends and followers about your game is to give them a copy of it – and our giveaway system is designed to make that easy, smooth, and guaranteed to get noticed.

Here’s how it works. Developers can submit their game to IndieDB’s giveaways system, specifying what game the giveaway is for, the time the giveaway starts, and which digital storefront they want the winners to redeem their copies on. Since each giveaway runs for 24 hours, IndieDB will guarantee 24 hours of promotion for it on our homepage. Think of it similar to how a Steam Daily Deal appears on the Steam storefront.

The available storefronts include:

While IndieDB requires at least 20 keys per giveaway, we recommend you provide 100 keys to cover the 24 hour giveaway period for maximum exposure and engagement.

A new addition to our giveaways system includes the ability for entrants to follow your game on IndieDB with links back to its profile. This is a powerful system for driving people to not only enter the giveaway itself, but to stay tuned regarding future updates, patches, or demos you may post in the future.

For more developer info about IndieDB’s giveaway system and how it might be better for you than buying an ad, check out this page. For IndieDB users, consider becoming a subscriber – because not only will you get to visit the site ad-free, but you’re 5 times more likely to win in each giveaway that you enter!

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