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HTTPS enabled everywhere

For some time now Google Chrome, Firefox and other browsers have been pushing the adoption of HTTPs and for good reason. HTTPs helps ensure data is encrypted (to stop eavesdropping), provides data integrity (no modifying data without being detected) and authenticates you end-to-end to prevent man-in-the-middle attacks.

Update complete

Migrating was a considerable challenge, as it impacts every URL, image and post on the site (and we have several million pieces of content to consider), but we have successfully enabled HTTPs everywhere. This was one of the important steps we mentioned last week as part of our "security first" approach and compliance with the EU's upcoming GDPR laws (note that HTTPs isn't a requirement, but we believe important to support).

HTTP embedded content should be updated

While this change shouldn't break anything, to stop mixed content warnings (happens when a HTTPs URL embeds content from HTTP URLs) we now only support HTTPs embedded content in posts and will be updating all posts to use HTTPs URLs. This means if you have embedded an image or iframe in your profile or content previously without HTTPs support, it may no longer work.

Update your links to us

It also means that all of your links to us on your homepage, blog and elsewhere are now out of date. If you can please change those URLs to HTTPs that would be amazing!

Replace http:// with https:// for all of our domains:

Help us tell Google we've moved with a new link

If you don't already link to us, now is a great time to throw us a link and help us let Google know we've moved. We've got plenty of buttons and logos available on our about page, as well as embedded below.

Mod DB

Indie DB

As always thanks massively for your continued support, we hope you enjoy the update.

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