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Introducing Modularity, our take on games publishing with a mod focus

At DBolical, we are huge believers that mods bring out the best in games. From the moment we launched ModDB in 2002 and started playing mods like Chivalry: Medieval Warfare, Insurgency, Killing Floor (and so many others) we were hooked. Today, indie games like RimWorld and Cities: Skylines with incredibly active modding communities inspire us, and reinforce our belief that enabling the creativity of the community is a very powerful thing.

Two years ago we started working on, an open mod API for game developers (much like Steam Workshop) that allows user-friendly browsing, uploading, and installation of mods. With we are building a highly customizable drop-in platform to support mods (for studios large and small), that has allowed us to work closer with game developers than ever before.

Now that has approached the point where we are ready to onboard games to further our vision and help developers succeed, we are proud to announce a brand new initiative: Modularity. Modularity is a new games publishing division with a focus on investing in and supporting games that are created by modders, inspired by mods, or have strong modding support themselves.

Some of the biggest games that still reign supreme today were spawned from mods: recent smash hits like PLAYERUNKNOWN's Battlegrounds coming from the ARMA 2 mod scene; Dota 2 having its roots as a Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos custom map; the highly-moddable Cities: Skylines becoming the true city-building genre successor; or classics like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive rising to the top of the Steam charts from its humble beginnings as a Half-Life mod.

Modularity is looking for the next generation of games that have the chance to stand tall as mod-focused titles. Games with a fierceless independent streak. Games that dare to do something different. Games that, in finding success, steer the industry in a whole new direction with their creativity, innovation, and strong sense of identity.

Modularity is thrilled to announce its debut title under the label, Meeple Station - a highly moddable space station building simulator which, after already seeing great success as a top-selling beta on - is launching on Steam Early Access today. Inspired by deep and creative simulations like RimWorld and Dwarf Fortress, Meeple Station lets you build and manage a habitat for your meeples, all while surviving the dangers of deep space like meteors, pirates, and deadly alien encounters.

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If you're a developer who has found their start in the mod scene, is working on a game with strong mod support, or is inspired by other mod success stories, get in touch with Modularity and tell us why you think your game is incredible, and what kind of assistance you need to realise your modding-powered vision.

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