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RELEASED: The New Jedi Order Compilation Mod: 25 ABY Pack


Presenting, the...

'New Jedi Order Compilation Mod: 25 ABY Pack'

What is this?

The New Jedi Order Compilation mod is a total conversion/submod for Thrawn's Revenge Imperial Civil War 2.15. It takes place during the New Jedi Order era, in which the galaxy is invaded by a warlike race called the Yuuzhan Vong.

The Yuuzhan Vong War lasted for five years, and saw the many factions of the post-Endor/Return of the Jedi galaxy come together into a Galactic Alliance.

This pack is just the first release of the mod, and includes content focused on the first year of the war: 25 ABY (25 years after the Battle of Yavin).

I'm releasing the mod in packs to get finished content out sooner, and plan to add many more GCs and extra content (including new factions) in subsequent packs.

Vong 1

What factions are included in this release?

Playable factions in this release include:

1) A totally revamped New Republic faction. The New Republic have standardised, modern warships and a powerful navy. They also have many subfactions and allies they can call upon. Their build options are different on different worlds, depending on what each member state contributes. Ships from many New Republic subfactions are included in this mod, especially as starting units, as the fighting hasn't reached most of the key New Republic worlds yet.

2) Yuuzhan Vong. The Vong are the main antagonists of the New Jedi Order era. They use biotechnology and alien ships unlike anything seen before in the Star Wars galaxy. They are also entirely absent from the Force, making them lethal adversaries for the Jedi. Two of their subfactions are present in this mod, the Preatorite Vong, and the Mandalorian Protectors.

3) The Imperial Remnant. Now a minor faction confined to a tiny strip of unimportant space. The Remnant has a relatively large Navy for its size, but is a shadow of the Galactic Empire it is descended from. In the '25 ABY: Dark Tide' GC they are allies of the New Republic, and many of their units can be called upon to aid the Empire's former enemies.

There is also a non-playable faction, Dissidents, who are a bit like the Warlord faction in ICW or Pirates in the original EAW. This faction is used to represent many very small factions, such as the Osarians in the '25 ABY: Vector Prime' GC.

Other factions, most notably the Galactic Alliance, will be released in subsequent packs.

bigger fish

What GCs does this include?

At this stage of the war the fighting is confined to a small-ish area of the Outer Rim. Therefore the GCs in this pack are small to mid-sized. Larger GCs will be included in subsequent packs as the war engulfs the entire galaxy.

The '25 ABY Pack' includes:

'25 ABY: Vector Prime': A small GC in which the advance forces of the Yuuzhan Vong (the Praetorite Vong) try to establish a beach-head in the galaxy far, far away. They are confronted by a smattering of smugglers, pirates, Jedi, heroes of the New Republic and a small force of New Republic warships based around a Star Destroyer, the Rejuvenator.

'25 ABY: Dark Tide': The war expands to encompass the edge of the Mid Rim, threatening populous worlds like Ithor. The conflict now borders Imperial space, and the New Republic can seek aid from Grand Admiral Pellaeon and the Imperial Remnant to defend the galaxy.

***Bonus GC***

'18-19 ABY: Imperial Borderlands': This extra GC takes place before the main era of the mod, in the final two years of the now small-scale and simmering conflict between the Imperial Remnant and the New Republic. The player can opt to achieve a military victory, or pursue a diplomatic end to the long Galactic Civil War.

NR fleet

What new units are there?


New units


1) Install 'Empire at War' (patched)

2) Install 'Forces of Corruption' (patched)

3) Have 'Thrawn's Revenge Imperial Civil War 2.15' (NOT the recent demo of 2.2) in your Forces of Corruption mod folder

4) Download the 'New Jedi Order Compilation Mod - 25 ABY Pack'. Download.

5) Make a copy of your Imperial Civil War installation (the NJO mod totally overrides it, and none of the Imperial Civil War Galactic Conquests will work. If you use your existing installation, none of your existing save games will work). Rename the copied folder 'NJO'.

6) Delete the 'XML' and 'Scripts' folders in 'NJO'. Go into 'Art' and delete the folder called 'Movies'.

7) Copy everything from the 'New Jedi Order Compilation Mod - 25 ABY Pack' you downloaded into the 'NJO' folder. Click yes when asked if you want to replace existing files (if you aren't asked to replace files, you're copying them to the wrong place).

8) Point the icon included in the download to the directory in which you have Forces of Corruption installed, and in which 'NJO' is now placed. I.e right click on the icon and change the target line to: "E:\Program Files (E)\LucasArts\Star Wars Empire at War Forces of Corruption\swfoc.exe" MODPATH=Mods\NJO (changing the details to wherever you have Forces of Corruption installed to.)

9) Enjoy!

Steam installation

1) If you don't have one already create a folder called 'Mods' in your Steam installation. Like so: (...common/Star Wars Empire at War/corruption/mods)

2) Download 'Thrawn's Revenge 2.15' and put it in the mods folder.

3) Delete the 'XML' and 'Scripts' folders in 'Imperial_Civil_War'. Go into 'Art' and delete the folder called 'Movies'.

4) Rename the 'Imperial_Civil_War' folder to 'NJO'.

5) Download the 'New Jedi Order Compilation Mod - 25 ABY Pack'

6) Copy the contents of 'New Jedi Order Compilation Mod - 25 ABY Pack' over the 'NJO' folder (which is the renamed Imperial Civil War folder you made in step in 4). Click yes when asked if you want to replace existing files. If you aren't asked to replace files, you've copied to the wrong folder.

7) Go to your 'Star Wars Empire at War/corruption' folder in your Steam installation, right click on the file called 'StarwarsG' and then 'send to', 'desktop (create shortcut)'.

8) Go to the icon on your desktop that you've just created and right click on it, then go to 'properties'. In the target line add MODPATH=Mods\NJO after the closing quotation mark that appears after .exe. The target line should look something like this, including speech marks:

"C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\Steamapps\common\Star Wars Empire at War\corruption\StarwarsG.exe" MODPATH=Mods\NJO

9) OPTIONAL: The 25 ABY pack download includes an icon you can use, if you want to, with the NJO mod's logo. Just right click on the icon you made, rename it to NJO, right click again, click 'Change Icon...' and the select the file called 'NJOicon' in your NJO\Data folder.

10) Enjoy!

blood stripes

Why can't I build any New Republic ships on a planet?

To gain access to the New Republic's core ship roster, you need to construct a 'New Republic Membership' ground structure. The New Republic starts with this structure on almost all planets, but you will need to build one on conquered planets. As well as providing access to New Republic ships, it also provides income – in the form of federal funding from Coruscant.


Why can't I play Skirmish?

There is no skirmish mode in this release of the mod. I may get around to adding it, but to be honest I never play skirmish and it isn't a priority for me. If you'd like to help implement a skirmish mode, get in touch!


I've found a bug

Let me know! Please message me or comment here if you find a bug, especially a crash, but also missing text or icons. I have checked this content a lot throughout the year as I've produced it, and I believe it to be stable. But, it is a first release, so save your game regularly just in case and let me know if you have a problem. If there is a crash, please give me as much information as possible so I can try and recreate it and find the solution.

Voice SFX for the Vong are going to be added in the next release. That they are missing now is not a 'bug' as such; I'm keen to get the first release out now, and can add voice and sound in the next update.

What next?

The next release will move the war into 26 ABY and 27 ABY, expanding the conflict to encompass the entire Galaxy. Stay tuned!


I'd like to help with the mod

For the next release I could use the help of a mapper to make Vongformed variants of the current land maps. Get in touch if this sound interesting. My plan is to take existing art assets, especially from Felucia, and seed them around existing maps, and alter the climate conditions, to make the planets look Vongformed. I'm aiming for every planet to have a 'regular' and 'Vongformed' map.

If you'd like to offer permission for me to your models or other assets from your mod, get in touch!

I would like to add Killik, Ssi-Ruuvi and Vagaari units in a future release. But no art assets exist for them at all. If you'd like to help model and/or texture some basic units for these factions, get in touch! It would also be an opportunity to design units for these factions – as most of their tech hasn't actually been seen before. Just two or three ship designs for each of these factions would allow me to add them as minor factions in future releases.

If you'd like to help implement a skirmish mode, that would be great.


Why can't I build Venators/Acclamators/Munificents/insert Clone War ship?

They are nearly fifty years old! But you will find some knocking around on backwater worlds, so keep an eye out. Not that they will do you much good against the Vong...

Venator Z 95s


My main, huge thank you is to Corey and the Thrawn's Revenge team for the amazing mod they have spent many years producing. Their mod is virtually the only way I play Forces of Corruption now. It is excellent. Thanks to them also for allowing people to release their own submods for Imperial Civil War. None of this would exist without them.

I started off a year ago with no real modding experience just trying to add a buildable GR75 to the New Republic to the New Republic faction. Thanks to the many modders who have offered advice and help. The best advice usually is that you need to spend time figuring out how it works for yourself to really understand it, and this is true, but many useful pointers have saved this mod from oblivion!

I'm currently using z3r0x models for the Yuuzhan Vong ships. Thank you to him for these, and to EvilleJedi for the many models found in z3r0x mod that I have re-used here. They are a great fit for the Imperial Civil War aesthetic.

Thanks to Jeronimo for permission to use some of the models from his work and the EaW Remake mod. Especially for the Vigil and Imperial Light Frigate – crucial parts of the Imperial Remnant's new build roster.

Steiner gave permission for me to use several models which appear in this release. Thanks especially for the space stations and the nice looking Republic-class Star Destroyer, a personal favourite of mine. The lowly Bulk Freighter, I believe, also originated in one of the Steiner mods.

I am very excited for and inspired by the Yuuzhan Vong at War team's work. It is thanks to their generosity in free releasing many of their models, as with the other modders named, that my mod can have such a breadth and range of units.

One of the key parts of this unit diversity is of course the starfighters. The variety of fighters that crop up in the game is in no small part thanks to the Rise of the Mandalorians mod. Thanks to Farseer for permission to use his models, and for the Mandalorian units which make a brief appearance in this release and which we will see more of in future...

Without Warb_Null's incredible range of free released models many of the extra units in this mod simply wouldn’t exist. His work populates the galaxy in the NJO mod, and his well-crafted ships can be found all over the place!

Nomada gave permission for me to use several assets from his mod, thank you. Particularly for the Ranger Gunship and some of the X-Wing variant models which are so crucial to the NJO era.

The Stargate mod generously granted permission for me to use several assets.

I think the TIE Advanced X1 flown by the Solo children is from the Battlefront mod. Thank you.

I have tried to keep a log of the origin of every unit so I can thank the original creator(s). If I have failed to do so, please correct me. I want nothing more than to give due credit and thanks for those who have made this work possible. Any omission is an error on my part and will be corrected.

A final, general thank you to all who have commented and left encouragement on the Mod DB page. Your appreciation for the mod and constructive criticism, and discussion of the lore, is always appreciated.

This mod is a custom modification and was neither created nor is it supported by the Thrawn's Revenge team. The Thrawn's Revenge team is not responsible for any negative effects from installing these files nor can they be held responsible for fixing any issues which arise from them. please don't hassle the Thrawn's Revenge team if you find a bug!

Download link:

lone station

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