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Rogue-like VR shooter VR0GU3™ sneaks onto Steam!

Big Dumb Fun Games has announced its new science fiction VR shooter with rogue-like influences, VR0GU3™, is now available on Steam.

In VR0GU3, you have completed your infiltration mission. You now have just 15 minutes to make your way through the corridors of the labyrinthine spacestation and steal a fighter in order to make your escape.

Along the way, you'll find ammo, medical packs, and weapon upgrade kits for enhancing your handgun, as well as information access panels from which valuable intel can be extracted using your omni-tools (which are, of course, your Vive controllers).

Each floor of the station is random, as are the spawn locations of all enemies, which means every play-through will be different.

Every kill, each intel access point and each floor you complete grants your character experience points (XP), which will enable you to level up as you progress through a game. Your enemies level up with you, however—so as you amass XP for a high score, you also make the game that much more challenging for yourself.

VR0GU3 will appeal to VR gamers on a budget, with its Early Access price set at just $US4.99, and a discount of 20% off applicable for its launch week.

“We see VR0GU3 as a Budget VR title. I mean, it started as an experiment in random level generation, but then grew into its own thing,” said Big Dumb Fun Games’ Mark Christopher. “I was already exploring level generation for STRANGE ALLIES, which is our other, much more ambitious, VR RPG project, and that tinkering gave me the idea to make a deliberately brief but highly replayable VR shooter, which VR owners could share readily with their friends, whether at a VR café or at home. It’s great fun as a solo game, and brief enough that you can share the experience around.”

Big Dumb Fun Games is a start-up software development business 100% focused on VR. The team was recently recognized as a rising VR talent, with our flagship project STRANGE ALLIES™ winning the Players Choice Best Upcoming Role Playing category in’s 2016 VR of the Year Awards.

Big Dumb Fun Games invites anyone who would like to stay informed to Like their Facebook page, follow on Twitter @BDFgames, or visit to sign up for their newsletter.

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