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8-Bit RPG Game for IOS Anywhere Programmers Anywhere Paid
Stormy Peak Entertainment is recruiting! Anywhere Programmers Stormy Peak Paid
[Rev-Share] Looking for Engine Developers/C++ Programmers Anywhere Programmers Trinity Software, LLC Volunteer
Modelers, Animators and any Artists wanted for a Sonic Adventure fangame Anywhere Artists Anywhere Volunteer
[Rev-Share]Seeking Members Anywhere Artists Chris & Redewaan Volunteer
SFX & Music Producer for a mobile game Anywhere Audio/Music Anywhere Volunteer
Graphic Designer / Parallax Mapper - RPG VX ACE Anywhere Management Echo Vision Studios Volunteer
Art Ink Studios seeks 3D Environment Artist Anywhere Artists Anywhere Volunteer
[Rev-Share] [Unreal Engine] C++ Programmers Anywhere Programmers Chris & Redewaan Volunteer
[Rev-Share] Environment Artists Anywhere Artists Chris & Redewaan Volunteer
[Rev-Share] 3D Character Artists Anywhere Artists Chris & Redewaan Volunteer
[Hobby/ Rev Share] Ark Ink. Studios Seeks 3D Environment Artist Anywhere Artists Art Ink. Studios Volunteer
Looking for a sketcher/drawing Anywhere Artists Sketch Wars Volunteer
[REV-SHARE] 2nd Programmer-Animator Needed for Digital TCG Anywhere Programmers Anywhere Volunteer
Unwritten RPG needs: Pixel artists, Animators, Illustrators and Sound Designers Anywhere Artists Anywhere Volunteer
Composer Anywhere Audio/Music Anywhere Volunteer
Character Modeler Anywhere Artists Dormant Studios Volunteer
[Rev Share] Seeking A Music Composer Anywhere Audio/Music Anywhere Volunteer
Level Designer Anywhere Level Designers Anywhere Volunteer
Unity or HTML and JS programmer Anywhere Programmers Riddel TM Volunteer
Voice Parts Anywhere Audio/Music Echo Vision Studio Volunteer
2D Game Artist for retro styled game like Dwarf Fortress Anywhere Artists Anywhere Volunteer
Game developer for retro styled game Anywhere Programmers Anywhere Volunteer
Character animator/modeller for prototype/demo for innovative 3D action game Anywhere Artists Candescent Blade Games Volunteer
Horror Game Needing Programmers Anywhere Programmers Anywhere Volunteer
Programmer Anywhere Programmers Programmers Volunteer
Spider-Man UE4 Animator Needed Anywhere (Must have either Facebook, Skype, Discord) Web/Other Greenview Interactive Volunteer
Content Designer, Programmers, Animators, Any Positions Anywhere Programmers WizardWorkShop Inc. Volunteer
Environment World Artist Mannheim Artists Anywhere Volunteer
[Rev-Share] Skilled Programmer needed for 3D Tabletop games on Steam Anywhere Programmers Serpent Entertainment Volunteer
Looking For Helpers Anywhere Artists Anywhere Volunteer
Sweet Studios Level Designers Needed! Anywhere Level Designers Sweet Studios Volunteer
Pixle Art Animator Anywhere Artists Anywhere Volunteer
Concept Artist Mannheim Artists Anywhere Volunteer
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