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This job was posted over 30 days ago. This means the position is now most likely filled & no longer available.

[Profit-Share] Pixel Artist for 2D Tower Defence Game at ManaVuka

Unpaid Artists work @ Anywhere

I'm looking for a Pixel Artist for my upcoming game: 'Forgive Me My Henchmen'.

FMMH is a 2D tower defence game where you get to play as a typical action movie 'bad guy' in charge, deploying henchmen and sabotaging a building in an attempt to stop a one-man army action hero.

Check out the basic concept/gameplay video at this link:

Most of the programming/work for Part 1 of the game has already been completed, however, art is not my strong suit, so am looking for a pixel artist who can give this game the look/feel that it needs.

No previous experience is required.
You can work from home.

You would be in charge of your own schedule: as long as the goals we set in terms of production are hit, I am happy.

I have given a lot of information (including more about the job, the work required, payment arrangements, the application process, my previous project, and about myself) on my site. If you are interested or want to find out more, check out the 'help needed' section of my blog, found at:

The application deadline is 16 February, 11:59PM, GMT.

To Apply

Included in your application, please send a sample of what the characters and/or background of the game would look like if you were working on it. The better idea you give me, the more empowered I will be to make a good decision. I will choose what artist I think will be the best for this game based on that.

I think open submissions are a great way to give everyone a fair go.

If you do a sample, please don't spent too long on it. The reason why is because there are likely going to be many people who submit them, and I can only select one or two. Please also let me know how long it took you to complete the sample work. This is just a practical precaution. I am not saying the faster you work, the better, I am just saying that if the sample takes too long, then it just might not work out for practical reasons.

I am planning to write a blog entry on some of the best work I received (according to my subjective opinion). So if you are okay with me sharing your work in this capacity, please let me know.

Send the application to with the subject heading 'Artist Application'

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