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(Kickstarter) Animator For Sci-Fi FPS at Data7GameStudios

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Hello all.

We are Data7, a small game development team of 6, currently looking for animators of low to medium experience that can produce awesome quality animation for our FPS Shooter. This is currently a rev share project until we have funding.

Project Description:
You, are mark maxin, a police detective who has come to investigate the area due to people reporting strange happenings. But you are instead kidnapped by a secret organisation called A.D.U (Alien Defence Unit) and are forced to do as they say. But.... as you are talking with them, something goes wrong, aliens have broken through a prototype portal made by the A.D.U and have entered our world. The A.D.U task you with eliminating the threat, but the lab is crumbling, you are forced to enter the portal in order to survive.

Must Know:
- 3D animation. We expect you to have an understanding of the 12 Principles of Animation, as well as general animation concepts, and being able to execute them properly when needed.

if interested email us at

To Apply

Email us at

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