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Looking for UI Designer for like Katamari Style at Anywhere

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I'm currently looking for UI Designer for my project "DerpyWorm" (working title).
DerpyWorm is a 3D Snake game where the snake should eat vegetables/fruit from above of the world. If you know the game "Death Worm" or Prehistoric Worm from Google Play, this game is inspired from those game and will be released for PC.

The problem is, that I'm not the UI expert. So I'm currently searching someone who could make UI Design/Art for this project. I need UI for Gameplay, Level Selection, Main Menu, Pause Menu Screen etc.

This project is gonna released at and maybe Steam as long Steam Direct (replaced by Steam Greenlight) fee isn't high. I'll pay as profit share or pay by milestone.

This was my try to design a UI. Text and 3D-Last-Eated-Food-Viewer would look good in game, but I need a better UI system.

There are some Screenshot of DerpyWorm. More Screenshot you can find my twitter account:

Currently all available food

When House get destroy

To Apply

Please send me some UI/Graphics (or portofolio if you have any) which you've already done to and tell us a bit about yourself and why you think you'd be a good fit for the team. We won't open attachments, so upload images online (example:

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