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Looking for Pixel Artist, 2D drawing Artists and Writers! at EpicSeed

Unpaid Artists work @ Anywhere

Hi! I'm a single developer looking to make their first game, and I'm in need of writers and artists to help out. I will the coding part under control, it's just that I would like to communicate and hopefully befriend making artists and writers who I could work with. Unfortunately this is unpaid, but there is a chance of profit-sharing.

The game is being made with Clickteam Fusion 2.5. It is without a story, but as far as being an artist and a writer for it, it is a brainstorming session basically, just coming up with ideas.

The gameplay as essentially a mix of NiGHTs and Sonic, with some Super Mario Oddssey. Okay, it isn't that cool actually hahaha. But with more work and great teamwork it can be amazing! So I hope that I might have garnered some interest. I'm not really super professional so I don't know how to write up a super professional job offering. but I do like games. Sonic is one of my favorite video game characters.

Please contact me at my Discord server:

To Apply

Just come into the server and let's have a chat! This is a relaxed envirnoment so no need to be professional and stuff:

Posted by Riftmann

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