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This is a new game idea that me and my friend thought about. We are both 3D artists and we need people to help us to make this game possible.

It's a part FPS, part RTS game idea that also involves crafting and basic multiplayer. The concept revolves around 3 tribes all trying to conquer each other. Each tribe is trying to develop better technology and gain more resources to do so.

The 3D artists, which are so far me and my friend, Will create characters, weapons, armor, terrain, menu art, and any other artsy stuff, but you're free to join and/or make decisions as to what gets approved for the game.

If you're busy to some extent dont worry. We just want to see some progress by the end of the week depending on the task. We're all on the discord server so we use it as a meeting place to discuss things about the game.

And yes I am just writing allot of things to fill in the minimum character limit that this site has. Guilty as charged. Seriously though we need the help and every bit helps.

Thanks for reading.

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If you're interested you can join our discord server for more information and to make friends within the team.

Posted by FallenByGravity

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