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This job was posted over 30 days ago. This means the position is now most likely filled & no longer available.

STEAM GAME Blood is Red Programmer at Anywhere

Unpaid Programmers work @ Anywhere/ GERMANY


Im Aaron Roller my nickname is PilotLumpa and im looking for a programmer. I have made a game names Blood is Red, ist on steam greenlight but the game is not pretty good. So i want a programmer to make the game great! I am a Artist, i would make the graphics and the Level design, (graphics assets at Moment).


- You are older then 16 years!
- You have experince in Unity 3D
- You have Knowledges in programming
- You Speak min. Broken English
- min. 10h per week you can work


- You speak German or live in Germany
- You has experince in unity 3d Level design
- You has experince with animations in Unity 3D.
- You can work about 10h per week
- You have steam

The Job is PAID. After the release you get 40% from the earnings!

You have questions or somethink?

Add me on steam here

And/or send me an E-Mail here

The game is in the top 100 in greenlight!
here you can watch the game

I hope you´ll answer me soon! ;D

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