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Writer wanted for Sci-Fi adventure quests at Anywhere

Unpaid Web/Other work @ Anywhere


quest writer wanted for: a Sci-Fi themed first-person adventure game (work-in-progress videos and screenshots see below).
Required: writing creative new quests/riddles/tasks/missions for it. The challenge lies in creating new technology/science and intersting ways to interact with it. e.g. new defence systems and ways to overcome them. Out of the question is any copied idea from other books, movies, games and so on.

The genreal requirement is that the ideas are new, make sense, use existing game mechanics and assets, and are in the format to be implemented in the game. To give writers and overview of what is available and required, I prepared this document:

In there are also example quests showing the format in which you write for such a game, which is not like a script for a movie. Please take care that you can not tell the player what to do, but instead have to consider all the things he might do in any order. Also I dont have voice-recording, so the dialogues or text-communication should stick to a minumum.

If you are interested, join the discord server for further details and application:

Videos of the work in progress:
game mechanic: locked car, requires car key to unlock, start of car:
game mechanic: using the sidewalk-tranport platform:
game-mechanic: 3d buttons:
game-mechanic: text input and output "terminal", text-adventure elements possible:
possessing a robot and flying vehicle:

To Apply

join the discord server for further details

Posted by joedoe99

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