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Equalizer - In game mechanics and platforms.

Equalizer is a 3d platformer and available now.

You can find it on the Steam Store: Here

Let's look at some platforms and player rank principles.

In training, DJ recommends jumping across all platforms? Let's discuss the issue of platforms?

In the game, all the objects that the player lands on are platforms that are presented in square and round shapes. Jumping on all platforms, the player is awarded points for a passable task. The more points you get, the more the player's rank increases.

- The player's rank is the current number of player's experience, for which new opportunities are opened for completing quests. The player's rank is made up of the gained experience points during the assignment.

Now let us consider the question of platforms directly.

Round platforms:

- On each round platform there are springs that allow the player to automatically push off from the platform, you do not need to press the space bar when landing on the platform.

- You can use the local platform stock, this is the place on platforms where you can land without getting on the spring, use the local stock of round platforms in order to calculate the time to land on another platform, and at the appropriate time use a spring or push off the platform, By pressing the space bar. This will help you successfully land and shorten the time in certain situations.

- All platforms are marked in white, when landing on their springs. The platform is not marked if you do not push away from the spring.

- Blue platforms, these are the usual platforms with a fringing of color with a blue spring in the center.


- A pink platform with a pink spring centered, opens the way, in inaccessible sections of the level, landing on it, a line of square purple platforms will appear, along which you can pass an inaccessible sections.


- The yellow platform is dangerous at certain points the platform is switching. During power-up, it turns yellow, when turned off, it becomes inactive. Once you hit it, at the moment of turning it off, you can fail.


- The deceleration platform, this is a blue platform with a clockwork, land on it while the music is playing, and time will slow down, just be careful! You need to immediately return to any other nearby platform, since after activation, the deceleration platform disappears and is restored only after you receive the melody, or 10 seconds after activation. The platform is inactive, when music does not play, you can use it as a normal platform for accumulating experience, it only works when you start the playback process.


- The platform with a red border and blue spring and plain platform with two springs. These are 2 types of platforms that are activated by other similar platforms. A platform with a red edging activates a conventional platform with two springs. A conventional platform with two springs can be independent and activate itself when landing. Activation causes the platform to roll over, on such a common platform on both sides there are two springs, where the blue means that the player will throw up to normal height, and the red spring will throw the player to a higher height.


Square platforms:

- Bonus track - is the alignment of a number of square platforms of purple, for the passage of a hard-to-reach level area. Use all square platforms to get the most experience points. Such platforms also change their color. For the completion of the bonus line you will receive additional points.


On this for now, everything, with you was an invisible DJ! =) See you soon!

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