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Protonwar - 0.20 - Proton powered super hero!

I have made a thread in the forums to consolidate any feedback people may have on this. Please use this thread for feedback: thanks.

New Locomotion System, with full climbing!!! - VR
(includes tutorial, see notes near end of post, but these mechanics are similar to other climbing games :)

Bullet Time Mutator! (activated by pressing scope button - right grip), uses "energy", lots and lots of fun!
- not really designed for MP, great for bot matches :)

NonVR / Seated VR / Misc Notes:
Horde mode now includes bullet time, and health regen mutators
Added a ledge mantling system that lets you mantle over small ledges (non-vr / seated vr), no animations currently...
Increase boost height from wall run for Parkour mode (non-vr / seated vr)
Improved camera for Parkour (non-vr / seated vr)
Fixed bug causing stacked mutators to crash server

Focus for the next patch
The focus for the next patch will be on levels specifically designed for the new climbing mechanics,
And improving the horde mode so that it just works with any of the DM levels.

Notes for New locomotion:
Default Controls quick overview:
Walking with trackpad
Jumping with trackpad

Jumping with controller gesture (physics based)
also, combine a trackpad jump + controller jump to do tricks!!!!
Tricks like - Dodging, Doublejump, Speed jumping (time to strafe jump in vr lads!)
To initiate hold down the climb button, move your controllers down quickly and then release the button, you should quickly get the hang of it, it is all about timing the release correctly. You can use this to push yourself in any direction, for extra fun, jump using the trackpad, then dodge left or right!

Full Climbing!
Finally, if there is a wall you see that looks bad ass, you can climb right up that bad boy! Why? Because you can! and it's fun!
You cannot shoot while you are climbing though, so watch your back!

Also use those mad methods with:
Arm Swing
Player relative

*note: no more teleport in advanced mode!, with the special jumps, and climbing, it really is not needed...

Thanks for supporting early access!
Tell your friends!!!!
Leave feedback!
Most importantly, Have fun!

- Gozu, out.

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