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Stealth redesign

Hey sorry for the lack of updates - been super super busy, but still working on the game as much as I can. There will probably be something playable coming in the next month or so :)

I won't write too much this time, I'll let the pictures and videos speak as much as they can.


Basically stealth and melee combat have been majorly reworked to be a major part of the game - before it was like 90% shooting, 10% melee/stealth. Now it's a pretty even mix of all three and it's much more dynamic and better balanced.

KickAndSlideKickSlide punch kick

Fully body awareness means you can see your legs, which isn't just an aesthetic feature - you can kick and slidekick enemies for a more powerful melee attack that knocks enemies back, but costs stamina.



Stealth now uses a dark/light system inspired by the Thief and Splinter Cell games. Your screen edges will brighten up when you're in a lit area, meaning enemies can easily spot you. In the shadows you are almost invisible, making it possible to sneak around in the dark.

This addresses the problem of large gunfights. Before, the only approach (as many who played the 2017 demo will remember) to fighting a large squad of enemies was to snipe them with headshots or lure them into a tight hallway. Moving around wasn't possible without getting gunned down by a hail of bullets. Now if you stay in the shadows you can move to a better position, attack, repeat, get closer and melee etc.

Stealth combat in action

Here's a more aggressive approach:

Also, a cool video showing the new death effects powered by "Physical Animations", where enemies don't just ragdoll they also mix in some random physics and animations. Inspired by the GTA games.

Thanks and look out for news on a playable demo soon :)

Please follow on Youtube and Twitter, I post there a bit more frequently. I'm also thinking of setting up a Discord soon.



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